At Blockswap Labs, we take a research approach to make crypto more accessible and safe for mainstream users.

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The AI Crypto Copilot

Imagine simplifying the complexities of the crypto universe with a single conversation. Welcome to the future of crypto for the masses.

RESEARCH in production__

Decentralized Innovation Backed by Formal Methods

Formal Methods

We follow a rigorous security first approach using formal modeling and testing methods end-to-end.

No Oracle - No Multi-Sig

All our protocols and systems are completely free from exogenous intervention and do not use oracles or multi-sigs.

Original Systems

We shipped 37+ products in the last three years. All are built from the ground up with our novel technology stack.

Developer Friendly

We believe in people and collaborative innovation, all our systems are developer focused ensuring a greater impact.

Decentralized Empowerment__

Exploring New Frontiers for the Advancement of Humanity

Truly global

Our research assumes global impact and are built to be permissionless and censorship free.

Mission aligned goals

Compatibility driven collaborations are crucial for inclusive procreation; Our products feature plug-and-play integrations.

Staying agile

Innovation thrives in curiosity. We remain committed further web3 through unique perspectives and collaborative partnerships.

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Explore Our Range of Blockchain Solutions

Restaking (K2)

Enhance network security and create additional revenue streams with Blockswap's K2 protocol for Economic Restaking.

Witness Endorser

A fast interactive ZK gadget of witness attestation


A modular MEV supply chain client for builder and validator communication


A Full Power Technological Stack

Registry Based Contracts

Maintain a secure and efficient system of record-keeping

Used By: Stakehouse, Gateway, dCommon, PON PBS, K2

Trustless Web3 Router

ZK gadget based on data replication for cross-chain communication

Used By: Stakehouse, Restaking Cloud, LSD Network, Gateway

State Replication Gadget

Monitored state replication for off-chain data verification

Used By: Gateway, PON PBS, Restaking Cloud, K2

Interactive Validity Proofs

An interactive ZK scheme based on restrictive partially blind signatures

Used By: PON PBS, Restaking Cloud

Precision Batch LP Management

A highly customizable pooling contract with range and queue management

Used By: LSD Network, PON PBS, Restaking Cloud, Stakefleet

Bulletin Board Based Intents

Domain based intents for expressive transactional markets

Used By: PON MEV PBS, PON Connect

Consensus Layer ETL

Ethereum consensus validator information for execution smart contracts

Used By: Stakehouse, LSD Network, Restaking Cloud

Credible Commitment Contracts

A fully automated enforcement of an off-chain credible commitment scheme for validation

Used By: PON PBS, Cloud, PON connect

Intent Computer_

Autonomous Intents with Smart Transactions

Intents computer allows for multi-chain programmable smart operations without any bottlenecks of existing blockchain infra.

ZK Witness Layer

A zero knowledge gadget that allows tamperproof attestations with data integrity for any chain.

vEVM for Parallel Execution

An EVM co-processor for concurrently executing contracts on multiple EVM chains.

Cognitive Intents

Apps and users enhance their crypto actions with AI generative scripts.

Subsecond Bridging

Move your assets or custom smart contract transaction logic between multiple chains with instant pre-conformation.

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